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James Will Empower Your Audience By Reshaping Their Beliefs And Delivering Action Steps To Prevent Investment Fraud And Protect Assets.  

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Audience Testimonials

"Thank you James for sharing your story!"

Clients who book James Brandolino for a fraud prevention presentation benefit from a memorable one-of-a-kind experience based on real stories from real fraudsters and victims.


James’ tough-love approach connects with audiences as he raises investment fraud awareness and delivers intelligent solutions to protect assets.


Gain insight into what your audience will learn when you work with James to deliver one of his high-content and high-energy presentations at your event.


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How We Think About Investment Fraud Is All Wrong


James Brandolino employs his corporate and fraudulent experience, interviews with fraud victims, and existing consulting practice case studies to raise awareness and demonstrate that how we think about investment fraud is all wrong. He explains why investment fraud cases sustain long life cycles by presenting a behind-the-scenes look at how his crime was able to thrive for eight years without being discovered.
Brandolino explains that investment fraud is highly preventable because it is different from most other types of financial crime. He challenges our beliefs about fraudsters, critiques two popular, yet ineffective methods, for exposing investment fraud, and introduces The Trust Pyramid. Finally, Brandolino lays the foundation leading to the most effective method to detect investment fraud —identifying the critical warning signs long before signing on the dotted line and committing funds that will disappear into a fraudster’s coffers.  


What You Need to Know to Protect Your Assets 

Keynote & Workshop

In his signature keynote, James Brandolino shares his turbulent story as an investment industry professional to that of an investment criminal, and finally, an investment fraud prevention advocate. He takes the audience on a turbulent journey, beginning with his inspiration to trade futures at a young age, a prosperous career in the financial services industry, incurring massive trading losses on the trading floor of the Chicago Board of Trade, and ultimately walking into Chicago's Dirksen Federal Building and blindly confessing his crime to the U.S. Attorney and FBI.
Brandolino candidly recounts exactly how he hid losses for eight years from dozens of high-net-worth investors, CPAs, attorneys, banks, brokerage firms, trust companies, and regulators. He explains the social engineering tricks he used to disarm investors. Applying the Red Flag Report template used in his investment fraud consulting practice, He teaches audiences how to recognize dozens of warning signs using actual documents from his case, including marketing literature, falsified monthly statements, and bogus audits.
This presentation is invaluable to individual and institutional investors, and persons responsible for advising clients regarding alternative assets or private investments including, attorneys, CPAs, Registered Investment Advisors (RIA), banks, and trust companies.


Understanding How Investment Fraudsters Use Social Engineering to Steal Your Money

Keynote & Workshop

Social engineering is often described as a type of cybercrime targeting IT administrators and vulnerable employees to divulge confidential information. However, this attack method has been effectively exploited by investment fraudsters long before the invention of the computer. In fact, fraudsters have employed the psychological tactics of social engineering to fuel investment fraud losses—most notably Ponzi schemes—for centuries. 
Brandolino takes the audience on a deep dive into The Trust Pyramid and how fraudsters manipulate their victims by creating an abundance of credibility and likability while being masters of distracting and redirecting attention from a multitude of red flags. He dissects and describes the strategy and techniques he used to deceive dozens of high-net-worth investors, especially independent CPAs and attorneys hired to perform due diligence. James’ inside knowledge will teach your audience how fraudsters use psychology to unduly influence and deceive investors.


"James was a standout student who actively participated in difficult and controversial ethical class discussions. His maturity and work experience provided a real-life element that enhanced the overall classroom contributions.

James questioned concepts and articulated well-reasoned theories when analyzing fraud cases. I highly valued James as a student and learned from him as well. I look forward to hearing great things from James in the future."

Deborah Pascua, JD, MBA
Lieutenant (Ret.), Chicago Police Department



Investment Fraud Expertise

James is uniquely qualified to educate about investment fraud prevention. His 360-degree knowledge base includes corporate and fraudulent career experience, interviews with fraud victims and third-party service providers who neglected to uncover misconduct, and investigative case studies from consulting engagements. 

Actionable Takeaways

Each tailored presentation delivers step-by-step strategies that inspire audiences to action. James recommends discussing speaking and workshop events well in advance to gain a clear understanding of problems and situations your audience is facing. 

Focus on Service

James is here to serve you and your event's mission. He is readily accessible and will do everything he can to help make your event a success — arriving early, stepping in if another speaker experiences travel delays, and staying until the last question is answered.

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